The Third Avenue entrance of our drive-thru estimating

Our reception desk

Our "diner style" lunch counter

Our body department has been placed in a separate location on our complex to prevent noise, dust, etc. from entering the office and bothering our customers.

One-half of our body department

Our body deptartment utilizes state-of-the-art frame and alignment racks.
  • 15,000 square foot repair facility
  • Protected by alarm and security
  • Seperate from reception and detail/cleaning department

Most paint preparation work is completed in one of our four down-draft prep stations.

We utilize superior quality "bake-oven" paint booths

All paint colors are computer matched for absolute color accuracy.
  • 13,000 square foot paint department
  • Proctected by alarm and security
  • Our paint department is also located in a separate location in our complex from our offices to prevent fumes from entering the reception area. 

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